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Would You Have Thought That a Towel Could Damage Our Hair?

Most of us use this seemingly innocent towel to dry our hair after a shower, right?

However, unfortunately, we do not realize how much hair damage, breakage and even hair loss it can cause...

It's hard to believe but it's true,

Let's imagine what happens while taking a shower;

Have you ever noticed how your nails feel softer and weaker after a shower? These situations may occur more frequently in very hot and long-lasting baths. This is because your nails absorb water while you shower. Your hair absorbs water, just like your nails. Water causes your hair to swell and grow longer like elastic, so to speak, it begins to lose its strength and therefore can cause breakage, split ends and even its color to fade.

As long as your hair is wet during and after the shower, it is very vulnerable.

It becomes even more important, especially for those who have thinning hair and also hair loss problems. Especially if your hair has been subjected to chemical treatments and is damaged.

And this time, in such a vulnerable state, your hair is also exposed to a towel, and harsh blows or harsh drying maneuvers can damage your hair even more.

My advice to you is to try to get water out of your hair as gently as possible. Take care to gently remove excess water from your hair, not with hard blows or scratching your head, but rather with tampon movements. The same thing obviously goes for combing your hair. Avoid combing your hair harshly when it is wet. If your hair is tangled and cannot be combed easily, use care creams and masks during your bath and take care to carefully detangle the tangled hair with the help of your hands and fingers.

In this way, you will see that your hair grows healthier and you will notice that it is brighter and less brittle.

p.s. My last advice, especially for those with long hair: never start combing your hair from the roots. In case they are mixed and they are still wet, as I just wrote, unfortunately it will be very easy to tear them off. I recommend that you start from the ends slowly and move upwards with soft brush movements. Both your hair follicles and your hair will not be damaged. Easy to say, if you consider that an average hair grows 1 cm per month, calculate how many years it will take for you to have long hair :)

I wish you days with healthy and thick hair,

With love

Your Hair Detective



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