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Why Does Hair Turn White?

You often ask me what to do about gray hair. Today I am here to talk about what we can do for you against gray hair.

As we know, the first gray hairs appear in most people in their 30s. But for some, and frankly I am one of them, gray hair begins to appear in their 20s. This phenomenon should not be ignored as genetic/hereditary. If it is possible to reverse it even a little bit, why not, right?

So why does this whitening occur? Can hair graying be treated? Or can we return graying hair to its previous color?

Hair graying and hair loss problems can actually go together. Some people who experience intense stress experience severe hair loss, and when the hair starts to grow back, it sometimes comes back white. Intensity of stress and weakened immunity can also lead to weakening and graying of hair. Diseases such as anemia and some thyroid disorders can also cause graying of hair in people at a young age.

And of course, as we get older, the ability to produce the pigments that give color to our hair slowly disappears, and our hair can often turn white in our 50s.

So how can we say STOP to our gray hair? Or is it possible to at least delay or reduce it?

• Cigarettes, alcohol and many drugs trigger the formation of free radicals and therefore damage many cells in our body, as well as the cells that give color to our hair.

• A healthy and balanced diet (especially away from saturated fats) helps keep hair strong and shiny, prevents hair loss and delays or reduces the graying process.

• A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is very important for hair health.

• Adequate amounts of meat, fish and liver are important not only for strengthening and regrowth of hair, but also for supporting the activity of cells that produce colored pigments.

The most important vitamins for hair: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, B2, B4, B5

• Vitamin A – found in egg yolk, oily fish, green leafy vegetables and liver.

• Vitamin E – comes from vegetable oils and whole grains.

• Vitamin B2 – eggs, dairy products, broccoli and green beans.

• Vitamin B4 – meat, grains, potatoes, egg yolk, eggs and tomatoes.

• Vitamin B5 – eggs, peanuts, mushrooms, liver and broccoli.

Also very important in terms of minerals are:

• Iron – found in red meat, spinach and fruits.

• Copper – comes from spinach, shellfish and potatoes.

• Magnesium – vegetables and peanuts.

• Zinc -meat and fish.

• Sulfur - white meat, liver and ham.

By the way, most of my customers who come to me with hair loss problems never eat liver :)

I hope this blog was useful, remember that everything has to be in balance. Let's go and eat 1 kilo of liver tomorrow and let the white hair go away and the colored hair come, there is no such world. Over time, balanced and systematic practices will turn into benefits. Stay healthy, bye!



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