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What's Good for Someone Doesn't Mean What's Good for You Will Also Be Good for You

Some people have thin hair and need to be treated incredibly delicately, while some people have thicker, stronger and more durable hair, they may be able to apply it more easily than the person with thin hair. Just because her hair is durable does not mean that your hair will withstand every process.

Not every post we share is valid for a single hair type. Hair care products, the way of applying hair care products, the rate of wear on the hair, hair type, etc. are all very important.

Please remember that everyone's hair is different, a completely different care is applied to platinum hair, and a different care is applied to hair dyed red. Likewise, different treatments are applied to oily hair and different treatments are applied to dry hair. Curly hair needs more attention because it is naturally very dry hair. Because thin hair fades very quickly, the scalp may be oily or there may be another condition.

We often emphasize that in order to give beauty and health to your hair, you must first know them. We want you to think about the problem you are experiencing, you say 'my hair is not growing', but does it really grow or does it always stay the same length because it breaks at the ends?

After dyeing your hair, do you try to improve your hair by being careful to apply the right hair care products correctly, or do you continue to style your hair, which is already damaged due to excessive exposure to chemicals, with excessively hot applications such as straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons?

As Hair Detective, we pay attention to the way you treat your hair before trichological hair analysis. During our interviews, we get information from you about your lifestyle, what you do with your hair and many other issues. We complete our analyzes with a holistic approach. In this way, we apply the most necessary hair care products, hair therapy products, and trichological hair therapies for your hair.

We wish you healthy and thick hair days.

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