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What is Trichology?

Trichology is a special branch of science that focuses on hair and scalp health. This discipline deals with the study of hair loss, hair health problems, scalp disorders and hair structure. Trichology; It is a branch of medicine, dermatology and cosmetology that examines the complex structure of hair. Trichologists offer people a variety of trichological therapies, focusing on hair and scalp health.

What is Trichological Hair Analysis?

Trichological hair analysis is a comprehensive examination used to evaluate hair and scalp health. This analysis evaluates the structure of the hair, hair follicles, hair loss and scalp condition. In addition, it calculates the hair loss rate by measuring the hair mass index and also helps detect hair breakage rates. Trichologists rely on the results of these analyzes to understand a person's hair and scalp problems and recommend appropriate trichological therapies.

What is Trichology Treatment?

Trichology therapies include therapy options that help a person regain hair and scalp health. These therapies aim to stop or slow hair loss, improve hair quality, and encourage hair regrowth. Each individual has unique hair health needs, so trichologists create personalized therapy plans.

How Can Trichology Help You?

Trichology can help you in a variety of ways, focusing on your hair and scalp health. Trichologists can diagnose hair loss, hair structure problems, scalp discomfort (dandruff, oily hair, itching, flaking, feeling of pain) and similar problems and help you overcome these problems by recommending appropriate trichological therapies.

Can Hair Loss Be Predicted Thanks to Trichology?

Yes, by examining hair loss, trichologists can predict the causes and speed of hair loss. In this way, they help the person take appropriate measures to control hair loss. Thanks to trichological analyses, hair loss problems can be detected and prevented 5 to 10 years in advance.

What are the Trichological Hair Analysis Prices?

Trichological hair analysis prices vary depending on the content of the analysis. After the person explains the problems he/she is experiencing with his hair to the experts, the type of analysis deemed appropriate is presented to him.

Trichological Hair Analysis Istanbul

You can make an appointment with Hair Detective for any problems you have with your hair. Our headquarters is located in Etiler, Istanbul.

Our Trichological Hair Analysis Services

In case of hair loss problems and any accompanying scalp discomfort, you can contact us for Trichological hair analysis. People who experience severe hair loss (alopecia, hair pulling disorders, alopecia totalis or universalis, etc.) can benefit from our medical hair application services. We also recommend that you undergo trichological hair therapies to strengthen your hair before and after hair transplantation. We also offer medical hair application services in cases of hair loss caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy processes. Those who do not have any problems with their hair and want to increase density can benefit from our CNC XT medical hair extension application.



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