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What is Medical Hair Extension?

CNCXT Medical Hair Extensions

CNCXT medical hair extensions are a highly specialized application applied to the scalp, which does not damage your natural hair. It is the first and only medical hair extension in the world classified as a "medical device." CNC XT is ideal for making your own hair fuller, longer, and more voluminous, and it can be used by both men and women.

How is Medical Hair Extension Applied?

This can be described as a method of hair thickening, known as "extension," added to a person's natural hair. There is no need to shave or cut the individual's own hair. Whether the person has hair or not does not matter for the application process.

Stages of Medical Hair Extension Application

1. Consultation: The person requesting the medical hair extension visits our center and has a detailed discussion with our specialist about their hair concerns.

2. Design Decision: The necessary details regarding the desired or needed design are determined with our specialist. These details may include the person's hair length, hair color, wave pattern, hair thickness, or fineness.

3. Preparation and Application: Hair is prepared and applied according to the decided design. The person greets their new life with renewed and dream hair.

How is Medical Hair Extension Different from Other Hair Extensions?

One of the most important features is that the medical hair extension is applied to the scalp rather than on the hair, so it does not damage the person's own hair. Particularly in top area applications, unlike other extension methods, CNC XT medical hair extensions can be applied comfortably to the top areas and are not noticeable from the outside.

Advantages of Medical Hair Extensions

CNC XT medical hair extension users can style their hair as they wish, comb and blow-dry it as they like. It is a highly comfortable and hair-friendly application with no negative side effects like pain or discomfort. Additionally, it offers a high level of naturalness as it is indistinguishable from the person's own hair.

Who Can Use Medical Hair Extensions?

Anyone from 7 to 70 can use medical hair extensions. Its natural look and ease of use provide the freedom to engage in all desired activities, such as swimming, showering, and hair styling. Whether the person has a lot of hair or little hair does not matter for the CNCXT medical hair extension application. It can be combined with trichological hair therapies or



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