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Victoria Ishkhanova in Klass March Issue!

It Instills Self-Confidence in People with the Solutions It Offers to Hair Problems.

Victoria Ishkhanova, one of the founders of HDC Exclusive, where hair science meets fashion, is one of the diamond women of the industry. Ishkhanova, who successfully implements hair health, hair intensification, hair extension solutions and medical prosthetic hair systems, is also known as the Hair Detective who received the "Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center of the Year" award at Fashion TV's award night. Hair Detective Victoria Ishkhanova is both a hair producer and exporter, manufacturing in Turkey and exporting to 38 countries. Victoria Ishkhanova, the inventor of CNC XT hair extensions, one of the latest technological applications in the world, offers healthy and permanent solutions to people's hair problems as the first specialist to apply Hair Check-Up in Turkey.

Famous Hair Specialist Victoria Ishkhanova, known as the "Hair Detective", who is a graduate of Moscow American High School in Russia and also has a master's degree in Linguistics at the conservatory and university, is one of the diamond women of the industry. The famous hair specialist, who continued his education in both America and Italy at different periods and lived in Greece for a while, was able to easily receive his training in various countries where he knew many foreign languages.

The Famous Hair Detective Himself

Victoria Ishkhanova, whose professional experience in hair, which is her area of ​​expertise, is indisputable, has worked with brands that are the world's giants in the cosmetics industry for 15 years. She has been operating in the hair industry for 20 years. Victoria Ishkhanova, who manufactures in Turkey and exports to 38 countries as both a hair producer and exporter, is also an expert in hair health, hair prosthesis and hair extensions. With the trichological (Hair Science) training received by the world-famous "Cesare Ragazzi" company in Italy and the trichology, hair density and hair therapies training received by New Image Labs, Tressallure, Revlon and Hair Design Centers companies in America, today she is in Turkey. He continues his work as the founding partner of HDC Exclusive. The famous hair expert, or rather the famous "Hair Detective" himself, is the head of the "Hair Detective" project that he has implemented in order to inform the masses about hair health.


Victoria Ishkhanova has recently added the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on hair to her areas of interest regarding hair expertise. Victoria Ishkhanova's main areas of focus are hair loss problems and solutions, medical hair prosthesis applications, medical hair applications during chemotherapy processes, prosthetic hair applications with hair transplantation and all kinds of prosthetic hair applications. Most importantly, the famous Hair Detective Victoria Ishkhanova is the inventor of both the production of hair extensions and the medical application of hair extensions, namely CNC XT hair extensions. Victoria Ishkhanova said, "I designed the production of the CNC XT hair extension, of which she is the inventor, and the Cesare Ragazzi company in Italy started to produce it using real hair, thanks to the latest technology."

Why Did We Choose It?

Victoria Ishkhanova;

Victoria Ishkhanova, who manufactures in Turkey and exports to 38 countries as both a hair producer and exporter, has also achieved firsts in Turkey regarding hair health. Source: KLASS Magazine March 2021



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