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The Most Saddening Hair Loss Ever

I'm really having a hard time writing this article... I've seen a lot throughout my career, but for the first time I'm stuck. And all I could say was "ahhhhhhhh". That's why, when I published the first photo, I wanted to warn you that it has sensitive content, because it is not an image that everyone can handle.

Today my client gave me approval to publish these images because he didn't want such a mistake to happen to anyone else.

Here is his story: He was experiencing a problem like Seborrheic Dermatitis and a friend of his told him, "Mix garlic and salt and apply it to your scalp, it will be very good." He did as his friend told him and started waiting.

When he first noticed that there was a burning sensation, he said, "It's weird," and was surprised, "Shouldn't it feel good?" But then he noticed that his hair started to grow in his hand. The current situation occurred after clusters of spills.

I am so sorry. Because, unfortunately, serious deformations have occurred and unfortunately, hair will no longer be able to grow in some places.

But we still have hope in some places.

Please be careful about the advice you hear left and right.🙏🏻 The most naive and seemingly simple methods can cause serious and irreversible harm :(



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