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Should Hair Be Washed Every Day?

I have been confronted with this incident for a very long time, and people defend this when they come to me.👇🏻

'You should not wash your hair every day, naturally oiling it is beneficial for the hair to grow healthier' ⁉️

When they come with this wrong information, they are always hesitant, I wonder if it is true or false? 🧐

✅ Friends, just as we wash our face, hands and body every day, even several times a day, we should also wash our hair every day! ⚠️

Those who use platinum hair or have it dyed frequently may not feel the need to wash it every day, because the scalp becomes dried due to chemical processes. Therefore, they can have a more comfortable second and third day because they do not get oily.

⚠️ But dryness does not mean cleanliness! ⚠️ Just as it is necessary to purify our body from toxins and dirt, it is also very important to purify the scalp from impurities, oils and toxins! 🌟

Especially for those who have hair loss problems, there is no such thing as not washing my hair for any reason or washing my hair every 2-3 days or once a week.

By the way, a very important footnote: It is very important to wash your hair every day, what you wash it with is much more important!!️ It is very important to use shampoo and purifying products that are suitable for your hair and scalp!



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