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My Old Aunt

Today, I felt like writing an article that was a little romantic, a little sad, and a little joyful. Let's see if I can accurately convey to you what I feel 🙏🏻

As most of you know, I live in Nişantaşı. And the most important reason why I fell in love with this neighborhood is its culture. My grocery store, greengrocer, pet shop, pharmacy - they are all familiar and you always have a conversation while living here. You know how much I love communication 😍 When I shop in a neighborhood like this, I always walk and go to ice cream parlors, pastry shops, greengrocers, etc. Then, there is a building opposite the pet shop, and while I was going back and forth throughout the pandemic, an old lady would always sit by the window in the room of an apartment in this building. He would watch the street sadly. This aunt started to interest me for a few times, but I didn't know what I could do. I wanted to do the aunt a favor somehow, but I didn't want to cause any discomfort. And one day, when I was returning home after finishing my shopping, I looked at the aunt, smiled at her and waved. And you wouldn't believe it, how happy the aunt was, her eyes were shining ⭐️ and I really liked this communication, from that day on, I started to wave and smile at her at every opportunity, and the aunt was also waving to me very happily. Isn't that interesting? He was so happy to stay behind the glass and not talk to me at all. My heart sank when I saw him like that. The pandemic has already exhausted all of us, and such a process must be unbearable, especially for an elderly person. I was very happy to be able to give even a little support. As time went by, I started to not see the aunt at the window, her chair was sitting empty in the corner. I started to wonder, but what could I do? I guess I wasn't in the mood to go to his house, I was wondering how I would explain my problem 😕 I decided to wait. But every time I passed by the chair was empty, arrows stabbed into my heart. One day, as you know, it felt like a stab, because I saw a woman sitting in his chair, but she was wearing a nurse's uniform. I said, "Oh no, my aunt must have gotten sick. :(( When I saw the nurse like this once or twice, I tried to console myself that at least someone was looking after her even if she was sick. But then I saw that the chair started to be empty again. The nurse also disappeared. The auntie also returned. didn't return :(

After shopping at the pet store for many months, he started to spend his time looking sadly at the empty chair in the window while returning home... In fact, one day I was thinking that I would sit down and write the story of this. Like the lady in the window… or… the empty chair 🪑… believe me, I even started to think about whether I should change my walking direction on the street, because every time I passed, my heart sank 😢

And yesterday, I went to buy my cat's food, and when I went out, I looked at this window in the building opposite, out of habit, without wanting to look. And who would you like to see? AUNTMMMM!!!! 💃🏻💝😍❤️🧿😇⭐️ I can't tell you how happy I was, I waved to him immediately and I can't tell you his reaction! He started smiling with his happy look and started waving at me. 💝 I feel like cotton! And I'm glad I can write this story to you more fully today! Long live my aunt in the window 🙏🏻🧿🙏🏻🧿🙏🏻



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