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My Hair Is Voluminous and Dull, What Can I Do?

Although I cannot answer this question professionally without seeing you and doing your detailed Hair Check-Up, today I wanted to write down the tips you can pay attention to on this subject.

This appearance, which disturbs us when we see our hair dull, may actually tell us more. For example, how suitable are the hair shampoo or hair care products you use for your hair? This is a very important factor, because if you clean your hair with cosmetics that are not suitable for you, extra oiliness and dandruff may occur in your hair, which may cause your hair to lack volume.

“I have to change my shampoo occasionally, otherwise my hair gets used to it and starts to get oily and dull” – does this sentence sound familiar? :-) Unfortunately, we have such a habit, we think that when we change our hair shampoo, we are doing a great favor to our hair. However, there is a very important factor and that is the factor of hair getting used to shampoos. If your hair is not completely cleansed when you wash it with shampoo or other hair care products, it accumulates on your scalp with each new wash, making your hair even heavier. When you switch to another brand of shampoo, your new shampoo may make you feel like it cleans your hair better because it has a different chemical structure in terms of formulation, but is this really true?

Can you dissolve olive oil in water? No matter how much you stir, the oil remains in tiny balls and then comes together again and rises to the top of the water. It's a bit of a funny example, but I want to express myself correctly. There are many beautiful and high-quality products on the market, the laboratories of very good brands are working every day to produce new and better products, I guess all these efforts will not be in vain, right?

The important thing is to identify and choose the right products for you. Let the products clean (purify) and benefit your hair. No matter how well the wrong products seem to work in the short term, they can damage your hair in the long term.

Stay healthy,

Your Hair Detective

Victoria Ishkhanova



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I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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