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My Hair Gets Oily Easily, Will Using Dry Shampoo or Powder Damage My Hair?

Unfortunately, I encounter this question very often. Do you know? The most common situation I encounter in people who come to me with hair loss problems is; Your hair is incredibly oily. It is a scientific fact that oily hair is more prone to shedding. So why do you think this oily hair problem has not been solved yet?

First of all, I think the problem is that people don't know how to wash their hair properly. What I mean by not knowing is that a person cannot understand on his own what his hair needs and what kind of products it needs to be cared for. And that's why he finds it right to wash the hair with any shampoo, sometimes even with soap. Perhaps, without thinking about right or wrong, so to speak - they do not care, or perhaps they are not aware that they should be cared for, so their hair is exposed to living in an increasingly oily and technically 'dirty' environment. And of course, in this environment where it cannot be washed (not cleaned properly), the hair starts to fall out even more...

“You should not wash your hair every day, your hair should be nourished by its own oil.”

There is a very famous saying that I hear in every meeting. Oh, I wish I could find whoever made up this statement and prevent him from speaking incorrectly. But who knows where, who knows, maybe that person is not even alive. But this story continues to spread from word to mouth... Unfortunately, it is incorrect advice and an event that triggers hair loss in most people.

Here's a question for you. Are we living in the desert? Don't we have hot water? Do we carry loads on camels in deserts for weeks and months so that we cannot wash?

Imagine that, before we had water in our homes, there was a bath culture, people would go there periodically and bathe. Because every pore of our body must be clean and breathing, otherwise we will get sick anyway. If a person takes a shower frequently, even when he is sick, his recovery will be faster, because a lot of toxins (dirt, waste) are removed from our skin pores along with sweat, and a kind of natural cleansing is carried out by the body. And the body relaxes and regains health...

So, what is Fatmagül's fault when keeping our body clean is so beneficial?

Figuratively speaking, of course, when I say Fatmagül, I mean our hair. After all, our scalp has pores, just like our other body skin, and there needs to be a lot of circulation in these pores. In other words, the pores must be open and the skin must be clean. A healthy scalp means that our hair is healthier and protected from the risk of loss.

So, are dry shampoos and powders beneficial or harmful to our hair?

As I just explained, our hair and scalp should be healthy and clean. Unfortunately, such powders, dry shampoos and similar serums (cosmetic agents that can be applied and "clog" the skin) can seriously reduce the health level of the scalp and put hair health at serious risk. By the way, I'm not saying don't use it at all, or that your hair will fall out after a single use. After all, why are such products produced? For emergencies, for example, you are late for a meeting – you didn't wash your hair or there was a sudden development that made you feel unwell – it wouldn't be such an exaggerated risk, of course, if you use it as a way to save the situation. The factors that I am trying to explain to you and underline are about how you treat your hair every day - because these behaviors can prevent many problems and make you have healthy hair for many years.

But it is very important to know your hair. For this reason, if you want to do a trichological hair analysis on your hair, rest assured that it will be better to support them accordingly after understanding what they need.



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