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My First Camera

It's been a while since I've written anything to you as a blog. I was inspired when I saw this photo💝 Years ago, I wanted to shoot the promotions of the first CNCXT myself and you see the conditions under which I worked😎 But I'm not complaining at all. First of all, I love my job very much, and being able to draw hair beautifully is not everyone's talent. Should I tell you how I started photography? Years ago, when I was launching a new brand, photos of the products had to be taken, so I sent the products to a lot of photographers so that we could choose the one who shot them well, but I always saw garbage coming... Apparently, the photographer does not shoot with all his heart. I was so tired and angry that I went to school to study photography. In fact, I was in New York at the same time and bought my first machine there. I can't explain that feeling to you. I chose the camera, paid for it, the camera arrived, I opened the box - my hands started shaking! When I first held the machine in my hands out of excitement, I couldn't hold it for very long, so I immediately put it back on the counter, so as not to damage it. I will never forget that the salesman friend looked at me, smiled and said: "This is your first machine, obviously. But you will be a very good photographer,' he said. "The shaking of these hands is obvious from excitement," he said. Of course, I couldn't listen to him very much, I held the camera in my arms and never let it go until I came to Istanbul. It was my first Nikon. He was my first love. And for many years, I was trying to deserve a higher-end machine in my own way, in order to buy a more serious one. What lenses did I buy next, macros, micros... yes, I even bought the macro from New York, and when I went to the first lesson (photography class), the teacher saw everyone holding a camera and started making some adjustments, thinking that the lenses were standard, and I raised my hand: "Teacher, this is my macro lens." "Just because there is" his eyes jumped when he saw me. 'Victoria,' he said, 'did you come to your first lesson with macro???' I also explained that I bought it for product shootings, that I actually decided to get training for the launch, etc. Of course, the teacher was even more shocked. He definitely called me "maniac" 🙈 But anyway, I bought the lights and the soft box 📦. 💡 and maybe it took a long time, but I had a great launch at that time, the photos were perfect! I'm a fussy person🕵🏻‍♀️



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I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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