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He rose to the top in 2021 as Hair Detective.

HDC Exclusive founders Gökhan Örmen and Victoria Ishkhanova, who successfully implement hair health, hair density, hair extension solutions and medical prosthetic hair systems, fulfill their profession by offering healthy solutions to people's hair problems. Victoria Ishkhanova, also known as the Hair Detective, achieves good results by providing natural support as well as saving her clients' hair without damaging it, with her Hair Detective project. The famous hair specialist continued to make his name known to the world by breaking new ground with his innovative works in 2021.

Victoria Ishkhanova, one of the founders of HDC Exclusive, where hair science meets fashion, is one of the diamond women of the industry. Ishkhanova, which successfully implements hair health, hair density, hair extension solutions and medical prosthetic hair systems, made a name for itself in the industry by receiving the "Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center of the Year" Award at Fashion TV's award night in 2021. Famous hair expert Victoria Ishkhanova, also known as the hair detective, revitalized the Turkish economy by manufacturing in Turkey and exporting to 38 countries as both a hair producer and exporter. Victoria Ishkhanova, the inventor of CNC XT hair extensions, one of the most technological applications in the world, offers healthy and permanent solutions to people's hair problems as the first specialist to apply hair check-up in Turkey. Hair detective Victoria Ishkhanova has progressed this year by building on her successes by innovating in hair application technologies not only in Turkey but also in the world.

In addition to saving the hair, it also gives natural support to the hair!

Victoria Ishkhanova, who develops innovative technologies in hair prosthesis with her hair detective project and applies it with special designs and rhythms in Italy and America, performs the applications without damaging the person's own hair and without the need for men to cut their hair. The services offered by Victoria Ishkhanova, who applies her technologies to women without damaging their hair, are greatly appreciated and appreciated. With Hair Detective, Victoria Ishkhanova not only applies hair thickening techniques along with trichological hair therapies, but also provides natural support to the hair in addition to saving the client's hair. Victoria Ishkhanova, who has achieved good results on many weak hairs, has achieved successful work by ensuring that everyone, both men and women, experiences a comfort and convenience of use that they have never encountered in hair density, prosthetic hair and hair extension technologies.

I look at hair as an organ.

Victoria Ishkhanova, whose professional experience in hair, which is her area of ​​expertise, is indisputable, explains the secret of her success by saying, "I look at hair as an organ, but since I think they should be approached in a Holistic way, I listen to and solve the problems of those with hair problems down to the smallest details." told. Victoria Ishkhanova, who works by paying attention to details and applies the innovative methods she finds to famous names, added great value to 2021 and her sector by presenting unique projects to the world and touching people's lives.



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I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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