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It is Possible to Save Hair When Hair Loss Problems Are Detected at the Right Time

Hair Detective Victoria Ishkhanova told Klass about the successful results of the hair density system CNC XT application...

HDC Exclusive, where hair science meets fashion, successfully implements hair health, hair density, hair extension solutions and medical prosthetic hair systems. Victoria Ishkhanova, known as the "Hair Detective" and one of the founders of HDC Exclusive, which received the "Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center of the Year" award at Fashion TV's award night, said: "Just like 'Early diagnosis saves lives', hair loss problems can be saved when detected at the right time." possible." she says. “We now save people's hair, thicken it, reduce the opening areas, and with the new generation hair density systems, we can achieve the desired hair volume or length without damaging it.” We talked to Hair Detective Victoria Ishkhanova about the Hair Check-Up they applied and the results they obtained with CNC XT welding application, which is a trichological analysis and hair density system, for Klass readers.

Ms. Victoria, first of all, we would like to congratulate you on the award you received at Fashion TV's awards night. You were chosen as the "Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center of the Year", that is, you were chosen as the Hair Detective. Could you please tell our readers a little about what Hair Therapy and Intensification mean? Is it possible to save lost hair and stop hair loss?

First of all, thank you very much for your congratulations. This was a very meaningful award for us, because HDC company has been operating in the sector for 30 years and we wanted to start 2020 with a new slogan. We designed our company HDC EXCLUSIVE as “A place that combines fashion with science for your hair”. Because our company has been bringing the most up-to-date and scientific technologies from around the world to Turkey for years, and thanks to these technologies, hair loss problems that used to seem impossible to solve can be solved.

So, are you saying that we are really restoring hair now? It sounds like a bit of a miracle...

Just as "early diagnosis saves lives", it is possible to save hair when hair loss problems are detected at the right time. Here, just as age, gender and the person's general health condition are important, the health condition of the person's hair follicles is also very important. Therefore, by performing comprehensive trichological hair analyses, called Hair Check-Up, we identify hair loss problems and hair loss rates numerically and act accordingly. Personally, as someone who introduced Turkey to the Hair Prosthetic application for the first time, I see that we now have revolutionary technologies compared to 30 years ago. In the past, we used to cut the underlying hair on people with hair, but now science and technology have developed so much in hair problems that we now perform new generation hair thickening applications without cutting or damaging the existing hair. Because now we save people's hair, thicken it, reduce the opening areas, and with the new generation hair density systems, we can achieve the desired hair volume or length without damaging it.

So how do you do this concentration? Is this an app? Medicine?

We apply Hair Check-Up, that is, trichological hair analysis and trichological hair therapies, developed by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy and supported by the University of Bologna. To explain a little more, as a result of the Hair Check-Up, we can determine what the person needs and organize the application protocols accordingly. We get incredibly successful results with our customers of all ages, both men and women. Some results even fascinate us!

“Just as body mass index is measured when you go to a dietitian, we can also measure hair mass index”

For example, can you tell us the stories of the people in the photographs you share here? How many sessions and what types of applications are required to achieve these results? The amazing visible changes are obvious!

Of course, to explain it technically, when we did a Check-Up on a client's hair, the hair loss rate was Q. How do we measure this? Just as body mass index is measured when you go to a dietitian, we can also measure Hair Mass Index. Therefore, we determine the person's hair loss numerically and follow the developments numerically. One of our female clients' hair loss had just started and there were regional thinnings. When a person comes to us with such a situation, we definitely decide to perform trichological hair therapies, because the losses are at a more minimal level and the overall hair volume is not damaged. We were able to achieve visible change in 3 months and save the hair. However, we apply CNC XT when we detect that there is more permanent damage to the hair follicles in people who present with a more delayed problem. In other words, we both protect the person's own hair and apply medical hair thickening to areas that are lightened or have decreased volume. Another Italian practice



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