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Is Oily Hair Really Oily?

I have been telling this to my customers for a long time, and today I finally have the opportunity to write to you. Unfortunately, some common words or rumors can cause serious mistakes. Suppose you go to the doctor and when he asks what your complaint is, you mention a headache, but your throat is inflamed? Perhaps, from one perspective, we can say that sore throat and headache are complaints that can occur together. However, what if a doctor instead of diagnosing migraine follows the finding that I have a headache and prescribes you antibiotics because of your incorrect statement? Is this going to happen?

Of course, these are fantastic examples and no doctor will give medicine just because I have a headache, but the difference I am trying to emphasize while giving examples is that Oily Hair and Dry Hair are not opposites of each other. The opposite of 'greasy' – what is it? Yes, I can almost hear you starting to laugh now, because at this moment, most of the coins drop and we start to say, oh yeah. The opposite of fatty – Lean. And what then is the opposite of Kuru, my dear friends? Hahaha, yes, your answer is: It is moist! BRAVO!

Now, if we, as the Turkish Language Association, have improved our language knowledge, let's talk about how this new awareness will affect our hair health.

I have explained it many times in my videos before and I have never stopped warning; as long as the scalp is oily, our hair is unfortunately almost doomed to fall out. Our scalp should be open and the pores should be able to breathe. That's why we need to use correct and really good cleansing shampoos and other hair care products so that our hair continues to grow healthier and thicker.

As for dry hair - and by the way, there is another thing I want to underline - are we talking about the skin? Is it from the hair? If the skin is dry, we need to use care products with a very special 'moisturizing' effect. If the hair is dry, products should be chosen accordingly. There is a phenomenon that I encounter very often, and that is my customers who have oily scalp and complain about dryness of their hair.

And I feel like there might be a mistake again, fighting against dry hair does not mean applying oil to them, dear friends. Oils have one thing, using moisturizing products is another.

I don't want to write too much and confuse you, what I mean in summary is this - not every method we hear and which is very popular among the public will necessarily be correct. Scientific approaches and accurate determinations should be made.

Don't lose your hair due to wrong terminology, because it is easy to lose it... Sometimes it can be impossible to regain it. Don't forget to follow us on our Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube channels for more useful information and healthier hair! Bye!



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