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Is Hair Transplantation a Solution for Hair Loss?

Let me answer you with an example, it's the best. Let's say you are overweight and we have no more clothes to wear in the closet, no clothes fit you. What do you do? Do you go to the gym or a dietician? Do you go shopping and buy larger size clothes?

Getting a hair transplant while struggling with hair loss is actually like going shopping and buying a larger size while struggling with weight, unfortunately friends.

Because hair transplantation does not completely solve the problem, it "camouflages" your problem at certain levels.

Temporarily, the newly transplanted hair may feel extra thick when it comes between other hairs, but you should remember that the old hair will continue to fall out. And the problem continues to grow. While it is easy to buy clothes when you gain weight, buy XL instead of L, even XXXL if necessary... Unfortunately, we do not have such an opportunity for hair. The richness and productivity of the donor area is very important, and the size of the area to be planted is also important. Especially women need to be more sensitive about hair transplantation. Because hair transplantation in women is almost impossible. I will not talk about this in detail now, I will explain it in detail at another time. I just wanted you to keep it in mind.

So what should we do if not hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is not a single solution, it is one. If the hair follicles are not dead – you have so many more options – these two. If there is lightening in some areas to the extent that your hair can no longer grow – there are still solutions, medical hair, prosthetic hair, still hair transplantation, but it is very important that it is correct and planned.

My advice?

Let us perform a detailed trichological hair analysis on your hair. If your hair follicles are alive, let's give them strength and help them enter the "reproductive" phase again. You may have a chance to save more hair than you think. Just don't be late.



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