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Is Hair an Organ?

I often refer to hair as an organ in our videos and some of my followers are surprised as to where this came from. Today, I said, while I have time, let me write about this subject, tell you exactly what kind of entity our hair is, and if we talk about simple but important tips to protect our hair, who knows, maybe many of you can prevent or stop the hair loss that may occur, thanks to this article.

Let's ask our uncle Google the question: Is hair an organ?

And here is such an answer, I am copying and pasting it as it is: In fact, organs are formed by the union of tissues. Each strand of hair is actually dead tissue. So hair may be an organ by definition, but it's a really weird organ. Do not say that there are no organs outside the body, because our ears, nose, skin, etc. are complete organs and they are all outside the body.

However, I would like to make an addition. Hair is the ONLY organ that is not considered a 100% organ by our body. The body doesn't easily dispose of our kidneys, right? Or it doesn't stop our hearts easily…. Or, I don't know, it doesn't reject our skin. But our hair – unfortunately, is the first organ that starts to leave us when something goes wrong in the body.

That's why it's important to nourish our hair properly, not only from the outside (applications such as shampoo, cream, serum, etc.), but also from the inside, through the blood.

Let's assume that our hair is connected to us with a pipe, like the esophagus. And all kinds of food, vitamins, minerals, etc. come from this pipe. Our hair cannot grow without energy, nor can energy form without the right supply.

That's why healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle, sports, movement, correct vitamin and mineral calendars and sleep! These are essential details.

Let's also count our enemies, which I can call ANTI-HAI - cigarettes, alcohol, narcotics, wrong nutrition, bad lifestyle, sedentary life and STRESS, these enter the same pipe (and of course I am making a hypothetical example) to give a negative balance. If we make a balance calculation, the more we have pluses and fewer minuses, the better it will affect the lifespan, health status, density, growth quality and performance of our hair. But for example, if an individual smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day, eats fast food, does not exercise and cannot get quality sleep - this will mean that his negative balance will increase even more and his hair is doomed to fall out.

What most of us know and I wanted to write about it here is the GENETIC factor - whether this factor exists or not, you are not destined to lose your hair. The more attention is paid to the additional factors I mentioned above, this genetic fact may be less affected.

And remember, just as each person's fingerprints are different, our hair stories are also different. What is good for one may not be good for another.



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