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I Have Eczema on My Hair, What Should I Do?

Hello everyone! Our topic today is eczema! I have been wanting to give detailed answers to your frequently asked questions such as "Do you have any advice for eczema?" or "I have eczema, what can I do?" for a very long time.

First of all, my question to you is: Who diagnosed eczema? So, did you decide on your own that it was eczema, or did you go to the doctor? Did your doctor also diagnose you with eczema? I especially need to ask these questions because unfortunately, we like to self-diagnose like this and say 'my neighbor has the same thing, he has eczema, I have it too, mine is eczema too' or 'I wrote my complaints on the internet and the symptoms were the same as eczema'... Unfortunately, We can go in the wrong direction by not consulting a doctor and not making the correct diagnosis.

Our first element is to go to the doctor and get diagnosed with eczema as soon as we notice the symptoms. If your eczema is at the initial level - when there is a way to slow it down, soften it or make it more comfortable - we can cause worse and more serious problems by not consulting a doctor. Please do not diagnose yourself with eczema without going to a doctor, because you may unnecessarily worsen the condition and delay treatment. For example, when I asked many people who applied to me saying they had eczema, they asked, 'Did the doctor diagnose it? Did you diagnose it yourself?' I encounter answers like "No, not a doctor, I noticed it was eczema" from most people. Please, I would like to emphasize that the medications and treatments the doctor will give you are very important.

The second element is that, based on my sectoral experiences and my trichology experiences in my life, I can say that there may be conditions that resemble eczema or even cause discomfort as much as eczema. It occurs especially on the scalp, but also at the nape of the neck.

The use of some cosmetic products that do not suit your skin type can cause allergic reactions. Such disorders can sometimes resemble eczema. Therefore, it is necessary to detect this subtle difference very well.

Let's analyze your hair. The substances contained in the shampoos we use without realizing it harm our skin. (I'm specifically talking about shampoo because, unlike other hair care products, shampoo directly penetrates our scalp.) After the shampoos we use start to damage our scalp, the first thing that begins is minor itching. Those itches then start to turn into crusts, redness, etc. By scratching the head area - especially while sleeping - people inevitably make the skin so sensitive that it almost looks like eczema. That's why my advice is, let's analyze your hair. Let us analyze your hair and scalp. Of course, I cannot diagnose eczema, the job of diagnosing belongs to doctors and there are really good doctors and dermatologists in Turkey.

Here, I wanted to at least make warnings about the scalp problems you experience due to the use of the wrong product or even the penetration of substances that should not be used into your skin. For example, I would like to give you an example from myself, I have Histamine Intolerance. I've known this for years, there are some foods I shouldn't consume, most of them I don't eat anyway. But for example, there is something I am madly in love with, and that is avocado! Avocado is officially my passion! My love, I love it both in shape and color and I love its taste. However, it touches me tremendously. Because it is a fruit containing histamine... Since I was on a special diet for the last three months, I was eating avocado every morning, and as if that wasn't enough, I was also eating an extra avocado at lunch. This situation started to cause incredible discomfort on the skin. I ate these avocados knowing that they would cause problems, because I was enjoying them tremendously, but I knew that I had to stop at some point. Because my skin feels uncomfortable. A slightly conscious mistake...

I would like to recommend you a relaxing product that I used during this period when my Histamine Intolerance increased significantly. CRLAB Leniskin Cream! I really enjoy this product and it is really comforting. I use it on my hands as well as it soothes my scalp, and sometimes I can use it on the nape of my neck when itching. This product is not a therapeutic product or a medicine. It is a completely relaxing product. You can buy this product, developed by Cesare Ragazzi company in Italy, by contacting me.

If you are looking for a product that you can use when you have dry skin, dandruff, sensitivity and itching, you can consider it. It is a product that I, my relatives and my team use or can use whenever necessary.

Finally, to summarize, if you think that the condition you are experiencing is a dermatological disorder such as eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, be sure to go to a doctor.

Consider having a trichological analysis done on your hair.



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