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Hot or cold? How should we adjust the temperature to wash our hair?

I am asked this question very often and I am actually surprised, because you know there are people who wash with incredibly hot water? They do not leave the bath until their skin is wrinkled and they claim that this is good and healthy. Interesting... But it's true.

Of course, I am not talking about the Turkish bath or sauna, periodically controlled temperature has its benefits, of course, but it is definitely not right to wash with such hot water and especially to wash our scalp with such hot water.

Our scalp is a very thin and delicate organ. It must have a certain moisture and sebum (oil) ratio. And unfortunately, it is very easy to upset its balance, so neither excessive chemicals nor excessive heat should be applied. Otherwise, problems such as hair loss, skin disorders, etc. may occur in the future.

I think people can generally feel it, let me give you a little tip for those who say how much the extreme temperature will be, but they cannot adjust it. Try the temperature of the water on the inside of your arm, as if you were checking the temperature of the water when bathing babies. And you can treat your hair with the warmth of that water, I'm sure they will enjoy it very much.

Let's talk about those washed with cold water...

Actually, I am not against cold water, but it is very important when it is applied. If you use cold water (or water that is not hot enough) to wash your hair with shampoo, then the shampoo cannot fully cleanse the impurities and oils accumulated in the hair and scalp, and you will not wash your hair completely. Therefore, you may still damage your hair and scalp, and this wrong hygiene can lead to hair loss in the future...

Do you know where we should use cold water?

This is the most beautiful and useful phase. After washing your hair, rinsing with water after shampoos, creams and masks, I can recommend you to rinse your hair with cold water. But be careful, don't catch a cold, and don't use ice cold water. But like taking a contrast shower, cold water helps close the pores in your hair, makes your hair look silkier and brighter, and increases blood circulation in your scalp.

I wish you pleasant bici-bici!



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