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Hair Transplant? Prosthetic Hair? What if I said there was a better option?

My followers always ask me, Do you think I should have a Hair Transplant? Prosthetic hair?

My answer is: there is neither in my opinion nor in your opinion to make a decision between these applications. Everyone is different, everyone's hair condition is different, and it is very important to individually evaluate its suitability for the application.

But if you are still asking me, my answer will be as follows: In my opinion, before deciding on either application or rather than switching between both applications, you should have a Hair Check-Up done on your hair and determine the condition of your hair. Because if your own hair is still alive and it is possible to thicken your hair with trichological therapies, I think you should take the path of saving your own hair, because Trichological therapies are actually a "preparation" phase that should be evaluated together with these two applications I mentioned above.

Let me explain it this way;

Let's say your hair is falling out and you are considering hair transplantation to increase density. When you come to me, I give you a detailed trichological hair analysis and determine the condition of your hair. We analyze the percentage of hair loss and most importantly, whether the roots of your hair are alive or not.

Because the doctor who will perform the hair transplantation will fill the gaps between the visible hairs, and therefore, if we fill those gaps with our trichological hair therapies, or rather, the more we save from the hair follicles that are still alive, the more successful the hair transplantation doctor's operation will be. Because its purpose is not to damage your existing hair, but to add new hair to areas where the roots have died and the hair will no longer grow. What if your hair follicles are alive under your skin? What if we still have a chance to save them? Could I explain what I mean?

Conclusion: Before hair transplantation, let's see how much of your hair we can save, talk to your doctor accordingly and make a proper plan. In order for you to have thicker hair and to make a better decision...J

What if you say prosthetic hair?

The same goes for prosthetic hair, because after all, we are talking about having prosthetic hair applied by shaving certain areas (or with the new medical prosthetic hair, the application can now be done without shaving, which is another detail, but after all, we are talking about the area to be covered). However, while you still have your own hair, what if it is possible to save them, thicken them, extend the hair follicles that have not died yet, and, if at all, shrink the area where prosthetic hair will be applied?

Conclusion: Before you decide to apply prosthetic hair, have your hair undergo a Trichological Hair Check-Up. Don't say goodbye to your still alive hair in vain!

What if I say there's more?

Did you know that it is possible to use Hair Transplantation with Prosthetic Hair?

Let's say the opening area in your hair is very large and the donor area is not enough to cover that area. Do you know what you can do then?

By making a good plan with your doctor, you can create the density and line designs of the hair in the front areas and have as much hair transplanted as needed from the donor area. By consulting with us, you can have prosthetic hair applied to the remaining open area and achieve a beyond perfect application. And what should you remember?

Of course, before this hybrid application, come to me and let's do a trichological Hair Check-Up on your hair, because my goal is to save as much of your own hair as we can, no matter which application you decide on, and help you make other applications even more perfect!

I wish you days with healthy and thick hair,

Your Hair Detective



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I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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