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Hair Fever?

Hair Fever is commonly referred to as pain at the roots of the hair. This type of pain is a sign that acute hair loss may begin. It is important to perform trichological hair analysis as soon as possible! Long Live Your Hair!

Sometimes it happens that we make a very tight bun, and after a long time, when this bun is opened, an unbearable pain occurs at the roots of the hair (this is of course a temporary and harmless feeling), but I wanted to tell you to express the character of the pain. 😖

If this kind of pain occurs without having any bun done and if this situation happens very frequently, know that you may be experiencing the beginning of a very serious hair loss problem. ⚠️

Oh, don't just say it's hair fever, 🤧 after all, it's not sneezing on your hair, is it? 🤔

This syndrome, which is described as a very naive and harmless condition among the public, can cause irreversible hair loss if it is delayed. ⚠️

My advice for you is to come as soon as possible and let's do a trichological hair analysis for you and determine the hair mass index and hair health in your hair. 🔍 Let's direct your hair to the right and healthy path before you even consider shedding it. ⭐️

The only thing it has in common with a cold is 'long live your hair'! ❤️🕵🏻‍♀️



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