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Hair Detective Marie Claire Interview

The Secret to Thick and Natural Hair

Our Hair Is As Good As We Think Do We Know? Stopping Hair When It Starts to Fall Out and Is It Possible to Bring Back Lost Hair? Trichology and Hair Problems Specialist Victoria Ishkhanova It Answers All These Questions and More.

I want to share all these questions and more interesting information with you. As Hair Detective, we do not only get to the root of the hair, but also do extensive research to restore the health of your hair. Many women say, "I have the root of my hair anyway, I can cut my hair as I want, dye it, have blow-dries, curling irons and perms to change the shape, and it will grow anyhow." They are partly right... Hair follicles really live under our skin, grow, feed and always produce new hair. So far it's really true. The problem begins when our hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients and energy to grow new hair. It begins to fail to produce quality hair due to the damage caused by harsh chemical treatments applied externally. Then we are faced with the truth: "The root is in you, but as long as you take good care of it." Hair follicles are becoming weaker and are no longer able to respond to both external and internal attacks. First of all, the hair starts to become thin and loses its volume. Dilution and dulling occur. If we cannot manage these processes well, unfortunately permanent damage such as hair loss may occur.

To help you get to know them better, I would first like to explain how hair grows. The hair has a masterpiece cycle. The period when hair is born and grows is called the Anagen Phase. Hair starts to grow at a rate of about one centimeter per month, and this growth can last for two to six years. Therefore, if we do not cut our hair, its length can reach approximately 90-100 centimeters. Hair needs some rest after working hard. Thus, the Catagen Phase begins and hair growth stops at this stage. Preparations are beginning for the transition to a new phase. After a few days, this phase ends and the Rest Phase begins. Telogen is the phase where hair follicles are tired. In the telogen phase, hair transitions to a period when it is at its longest. A solid holding period begins for the hair follicles. Hair follicles rest for a few weeks to a few months, waiting for the signal to grow again. When this growth signal arrives, the final phase, Exogen (hair gradually leaving the follicle), begins. Meanwhile, he is entering the Anagen phase, which is the re-growth phase. Our hair looks full and as long as we do not see excess hair, production does not reflect any problems on us. Normal hair loss is considered to be between 100 -150 hairs. This is an amount that can only be understood by counting, but it is quite difficult to count in real life. Because our hair falls out while we sleep, comb, and wash, and this process continues. However, if you start to notice radical amounts of hair on your pillow, comb or hands, know that the problem has started and may be very serious. Because hair does not fall out easily.

In order to cause abnormal shedding, imbalances must have started in our body. So, what kind of imbalances? For example, after pregnancy, women experience severe hair loss. This is perhaps the only hair loss that can be considered normal. Because during pregnancy, the level of hormones in the female body increases.

Therefore, the Anagen Phase (hair growth phase) lasts longer than usual. The hair loss phase is delayed and the hair begins to become thicker and healthier. After birth, hormone levels return to normal and the delayed Resting Phase begins. That's why more hair than usual begins to fall out. The good news is that when this loss begins, new hair has already started to grow. Abnormal hair loss can be triggered by other factors; such as extreme stress. For example, surgeries performed with anesthesia, serious traumas, divorce, sad news, job loss or hair loss during cancer treatment or as a result of chemotherapy...

During chemotherapy, patients take drugs that contain very serious toxins. These toxins kill all fast-growing cells (whether cancerous or healthy). The problem is that over the years most hair follicles remain in the Anagen phase. If it could actually switch to the Telogen phase during the chemotherapy process, very serious hair loss problems could be prevented. But scientists haven't figured out how to do this yet. As a result, all processes and imbalances in the body can actually cause hair loss. Hair follicles are inside the skin and live in a cocktail of hormones and other chemicals. Some nutrients can produce blood and some can produce side cells. Hormones come to the blood from the endocrine system. The endocrine system consists of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid glands and fertility organs... All these organs produce hormones that will affect hair growth performance. We understand the essential importance of these hormones when they decrease. For example, when the hormones of the thyroid gland are insufficient, the person becomes very weak, and sometimes even his mental health can be affected. Depression etc. processes can start. At the same time, hair begins to break and fall out.

When I meet with all my clients, I like to compare the growth cycle of our hair and these magnificent balances within the body to a factory. Because we live in truly incredible balances. When we get hot, we sweat, when we get sick, our fever rises and we try to fight germs, our liver cleans our blood, our heart pumps blood. No organ says, "I shouldn't come to work today." They all work as part of an amazing team. Each organ has a function, a task. This factory within us keeps us alive as a team, as a whole body, along with the tasks they undertake alone. So, what are we doing for this factory? The right raw materials (nutrients) are needed. Water, natural gas, electricity, all must be supplied uninterruptedly so that our factory can operate. Otherwise, our employees will go on strike and start slowing down some functions. Some of them will be completely disabled... Like our hair... Unfortunately, our body does not fully accept our hair as an organ. It's good when it's there, but when the body starts to get stressed, it starts to shut down the parts it sees as 'unnecessary'. Unfortunately, we are starting to lose our hair.

After losing 30-40 percent of his hair, a person only sees that there is a problem. These processes are very painful. Because until we detect what is happening, hair loss will increase even more. The extra stress that comes with the sadness of hair loss is like a vicious circle, causing even more hair loss. Of course there is a solution. Hair requires serious attention and knowledge. Most of the time, my followers ask, "I mix these oils and apply them to my hair and scalp, will it be good?" or “If I shave my hair, will it grow thicker?” saying. However, I want to warn you, please do not attempt such things without consulting an expert. The wrong product or an unconscious application can lead to much bigger and more serious problems. I have been operating in the hair industry for 20 years. I received training on both hair loss and hair placement (medical hair application) in both the USA and Europe. I have very serious information about hair. I am also a trichologist and I would like to share my knowledge of hair and scalp as the science of trichology with you.

If you are losing your hair today, first of all, Hair Check-Up; In other words, we perform trichological hair analysis. We determine why your hair is falling out. Everyone has a different hair loss story and different reasons. Each person's situation should be examined individually. A holistic approach is very important. That's why I explained above the cycles of our hair and the reasons for their loss. If there is an imbalance in hormones, there is no point in applying garlic. If you are experiencing a stress-related hair loss problem, searching for shampoo will not help... Everything is within us, we must look for both the problems and the solutions within ourselves. As for me, I am dealing with hair follicles. When we analyze, I check whether the hair follicles are alive or not. Anagen and Telogen phases are very important to me. Because if the hair follicles are still alive but the growth has stopped, that is, the hair has entered the Resting phase, we have a very high chance of bringing the hair back to the Anagen phase by applying trichological therapies.

That's why I always say, as long as the hair follicle is alive, no matter how thin and weak it is, it is very important that it is alive. The therapies I applied were produced by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy. It was supported by many universities. I can say that the University of Bologna is one of the biggest supporters. So are the University of Rome, the University of Ferrara, the University of Milan... Along with these trichological hair therapies, which are prepared in a very scientific way, we also apply FDA-approved laser therapies. It works to make the hair stronger, the roots healthier and to produce better hair. So, what if the person's hair problem is even more serious and the hair follicles are no longer viable? In this case, is there no chance of regaining your hair?

In addition to trichological therapies, we also perform medical hair treatments. Medical hair application is divided into two here. Because we apply very special medical hair treatments for very sensitive skin and sensitive conditions during chemotherapy processes. At the same time, there are also hair products that can be applied to the person's hair area. I would like to explain a system that I have used myself; I have hair, but I wanted to thicken it even more. Since I wanted to extend it, I had the CNC XT medical welding application produced by Cesare Ragazzi company in Italy. What is the difference of this welding from other welding systems?

Most importantly, it does not damage your own hair and your freedom of movement increases. You can collect and style your hair as you wish. Unlike all hair extension systems known to date, it is the most comfortable and healthiest hair system. It is individually designed and produced in Italy. I have been in the hair industry for 20 years and have been producing hair extensions for years. Another benefit of this source is that my own hair is very good and healthy, I do not experience any hair loss problems. However, this extension applied to the scalp does not cause any damage to my hair. Some women may have thin hair, especially in the crown area. Thinning is not possible and cannot be camouflaged by other sources. CNC XT is very successful here too. It can be applied very easily to the desired area. It is the only source system in the world that has medical device status. That's why it doesn't damage the hair. I've been using it for three years. I am also the inventor of CNC XT. I invented that this source could be used not only in the hill area but also on the sides, and I went to Italy and presented it to the Italians. They also asked me to teach it to their distributors all over the world. Since then, CNC XT orders in Italy have been placed as Victoria's design. No matter what stage you are at for your hair, there is a solution. We do not want your own hair to be damaged. We want you to have your natural hair as long as possible. That's why early diagnosis and accurate determinations are very important. Save your hair by doing a Hair Check Up.



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