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Fashion TV Fashion Awards: We were chosen as the Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center!

Hello everyone!

What a busy week it was, we were invited to a wonderful night, just like in a fairy tale, with messages, letters, trying to keep up with your phone calls and at the same time saving the hair of our customers!

At the 9th Fashion TV awards night organized by Fashion TV, I, your Hair Detective, was deemed worthy of the "Best Hair Therapy and Intensification Center of the Year" award. This was a very honorable and proud award for me. Once again, I would like to thank the Fashion TV family and the chairman of the board, Mr. Enis Onat!

And also to you, my dear customers and prospects and followers! I would like to thank you very much, because while we work with you for this award, we are constantly improving the quality of our services for you every day and the range of Services we provide. 30 years ago, when our company took the first steps of its activity, it started as a prosthetic hair company only. But today, we are at your service for all your needs where the word "HAIR" is mentioned!

Our slogan: "We bring together Fashion and Science for your hair" has been proven once again with the award given to us by Fashion TV today.

I would like to briefly tell you about our services:

• If you have a hair loss problem

• If you want to thicken your hair

• If you want to guarantee the future of your hair

• If you want to grow your hair longer

We are here for you with all these and many more services!

Your Hair Detective is always working for you!

I hope for many more awards, all together!

Your Hair Detective

Victoria Ishkhanova



Hi I

Hair Detective

I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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