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Does cutting your hair help them grow faster and thicker?

I get asked this question every day. Especially many of those who have hair loss problems like to have their hair cut to zero to stop the loss. When I said they love it here, I meant it a bit technically. I come across such a method with increasing popularity…

Unfortunately, I will say. Because there is no such thing. I will try to explain these to you technically.

First of all, the growing hair is not in a position to stimulate the root, the process is completely unidirectional. Therefore, if you want your hair to grow healthier and faster, I recommend you help the roots.

Especially for a woman, having her hair cut to zero also creates a source of stress, and the stress and sadness experienced can unfortunately trigger even more hair loss. So what should we say? In fact, something like "pulling out your eyes while doing your eyebrows" may also occur. I say "maybe" because we do not have an indispensable expectation that everyone will experience this stress at the same level.

Another important detail – let's say your hair is 50 cm, and you cut it to zero. Once the hair grows, it becomes "0 kilometer" hair, which means it is fresh and unprocessed, that is, it grows without any chemical treatments. Therefore, this hair may seem healthier to you. And while you are growing at an average rate of 1 cm per month, when you follow this growth rate by eye, you may actually feel like you are growing much faster. Because it is much easier to notice 1 cm in 2 centimeters than to notice 1 cm in 50 centimeters.

And finally - as I explained in my previous articles, there is a benefit of having your hair cut periodically - the ends of people's hair are always thinner than the roots. Depending on the situation, it may become more damaged, as we are exposed to too many chemical treatments, but our hair that is not treated at all definitely becomes thinner towards the ends. Therefore, by cutting them, making the ends of your hair feel fuller and thicker will make you happier and improve your hair quality, because damaged and tangled hair can create more load on the hair follicles during combing and trigger hair loss.

And like I said, if you have hair loss issues, don't waste your time getting them cut. Consult a specialist as soon as possible, get a trichological hair analysis and start helping your roots.



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