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Difference from CNC XT and Other Welding Sheets

Hello everyone! In today's article, I would like to talk about a topic that my customers and social media followers frequently ask.

We are often asked what are the features of CNC XT that make it different from other hair welding applications. For this purpose, I have prepared a table so that I can explain the differences that I and many of my CNC XT user customers have happily experienced.

I have been using hair extensions for 20 years. Because of my profession and because I am a person in love with hair, I try every new product and application in the hair industry, and even the products and applications I produce, I always try them on myself first... I used my experience because I felt it would yield a great result. Indeed, that's what happened! :) I share these differences with you with great pleasure!

There is another great feature that makes CNC XT so different from other sources, and that is that this welded hair is medical. By the way, since the day I started pronouncing the word medical welding, I have seen, in a funny way, that the resources that were formerly known as micro welding applications have suddenly become "medical resources", and that was very funny to me. But the CNC XT welding that I told you is really a medical welding application, because it has the status of a “medical device”. In this way, CNC XT is suitable for every hair condition, that is, someone with a lot of hair or no hair can easily use this source.

Other sources may impose some limits on us in some cases. For example, when collecting hair, it may hurt or be visible. These are the details I tried to explain in the table. I would like to tell you a few tips to help you decide which application is more correct or suitable for you.

· If you do not want to cause any damage to your hair, I would definitely recommend you to choose CNC XT, because this is a physical event, as long as it is applied on the hair strands, each extension will damage your hair more or less, because it will create extra weight. A very important feature of CNC XT here is that it is applied directly to your scalp, not to the hair strands.

· When applying hair extensions, that is, other hair extensions, it is applied to the hair strands and also forms the directions of the hair. For example, a design can be made to wear your hair straight, without tying it up. Therefore, when you want to turn your hair into a bun or braid, you start pulling these directions in different directions. And without realizing it, you are damaging your hair follicles by pulling the hair in the opposite direction. For example, most people who use keratin-bead-tape extensions may have acne or rashes on the scalp and may also experience skin itching. Sometimes my followers who apply to me may even think that the sources are allergic to them. However, this is not an allergy, the hair reacts to us in this way because they have experienced a physical trauma. What I mean by the fact that these sources I wrote above can damage your hair is this; The person who applies these types of hair extensions is very important, the product applied and the quality of the hair are very important, and of course, the way you use it and the training you have received regarding its use is very important.

· Why do I speak so freely, because I have used all these resources personally and without a break for 20 years. Therefore, when I tell you these, I am telling them knowing the smallest detail. And there is one thing I would like to warn about; unfortunately, many of our female customers may fall into this misconception. If a person has a hair loss problem, putting any extra load on the hair follicles, which are already weakening, can cause great damage. Therefore, if you have a problem with hair loss, whether on the sides or on the top, choose to stay away from any hair extensions - those other extension applications I mentioned. In such a case, we may have two applications that can be applied for you:

1) Trichological Hair Therapies- Let us strengthen your hair follicles, thicken your hair and help them become healthier.

2) CNC XT Medical Hair Extension Application - It can be applied to any desired area and is not visible at all!

For example, if you ask me, I can say that I chose CNC XT Welding and normally I don't like to talk big, but I would never have any other welding done in my life. I have always used the resources I have used so comfortably and comfortably, feeling that they are resources. But when I started using CNC XT, it became like my own hair, I can say that we became integrated. In addition, the fact that CNC XT is a personalized design application ensures that it is in harmony with the person's own hair.

Did I tell you that CNC XT Hair Extensions are produced by hand in Italy? Hair that suits the person's hair strands, the wave shape of the hair, or the thinness and thickness of the hair strand is selected and produced with the desired color. It doesn't just end with the fact that it is produced in Italy, the world's best quality Italian hair is also used when producing this hair.

Suppose the designers of Gucci or Valentino brands design your outfit for you in Italy? In fact, it is a very elegant and very prestigious event. Your CNC XT hair is designed by hand in Italy, especially for you... Our hair is our most important outfit, right?

I hope you liked my article!

I wish you healthy and thick hair days,

Your Hair Detective.



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I am here to ensure that your hair regains its health with the most accurate, healthiest and most up-to-date hair solutions. I love my job very, very much. “Hair” became my life. I hope you will be very happy thanks to my hair suggestions!

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