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Being Late for Hair... Why?

You know, for years I have always been upset about why people apply to us so late. In most cases, the hair loss levels of those who come to me may reach 70% or 80%, and unfortunately, what we can do scientifically and technologically to save the hair is much more limited...

I can immediately make a correction here, no matter what problem the person comes to us with, it will not go unsolved, we definitely have the chance to restore his hair, this always puts my mind at ease when I meet with my customers, but I won't lie, I always feel weak inside and say, "Oh, I wish it was more." I don't feel like saying 'I wish you had come early'...

Now I sat down and thought, I'm not alone...

I have many doctor friends and I decided to talk to them, what I was trying to understand was; I wonder if people are delayed just for hair, or is it like this in the health sector in general? And what did I find you like?

My dentist friends told me: Instead of going for periodic check-ups, they had many patients who came with decayed and painful teeth... When they asked why you were so late, their answers were like - I don't know, doctor, I thought it would pass, I didn't care, there is still time, etc. They were taking….

Or, I don't know, there are people who say, I don't like doctors, the moment I sit in that dentist chair, it makes me feel bad...

Or, there are those who say, "I already do the necessary tooth brushing etc., so what is the need for maintenance?"

And the result? While there is a tooth to be saved, it may need to be extracted, or while there is a tooth that can be treated with a simple filling, root canal treatment or even a dental crown may be required... In other words, more procedures, more effort, and more cost... Unfortunately, they are always the same. They think, "Oh, I wish I had come earlier"...

I talked to my surgeon friends, what do you think? The situation is even worse. I think people are more afraid of surgeons? It's like if you talk to the surgeon he'll cut you off while you're talking? Or is it like the one who enters his room cannot leave without being interrupted again? And yet the same things, delayed hernias, ignored abscesses, pain that seems to go away, and meaningless bleeding that is thought to be nothing but will go away...

And you know what, they say, "Oh, I wish"...

What do you think is the reason for these behaviors? Fear of consulting doctors and specialists? Or is it the lack of awareness of the seriousness of the situation? Or are these delayed issues the cases where people were comforted by the advice of neighbors and friends due to misinformation about the issue?

I don't know, maybe it could be a mixture of all of them.

Of course, I cannot ask anything from you for surgeons or dentists here, my dear friends. But for your hair, I ask you. Please do not waste your valuable time listening to and implementing advice coming from left and right. No more wishes...



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